Successful Marketing Is An Integrated 3 STEP PROCESS Each Being Dependent On The Other:



You need to Attract your Target Market in multiple marketing mediums, driving them to a marketing and conversion system…usually a website, however it could be a phone call or your place of business.

Investment in ATTRACTION without CONVERSION is a
wasted resource!



You need to Convert those prospective clients by taking them through a logical navigation and sales process by identifying their problems and giving them what they need, want, or desire…while positioning yourself as the knowledgeable and trusted expert in your field

CONVERSION only occurs after ATTRACTION has been successful!



Retaining your existing clients is where the gold is in your business. Having stay-in-touch marketing systems that build a strong relationship with your clients, enables you to increase their lifetime value & referrals from your database.

   RETENTION requires implementing CONVERSION Marketing Processes!

It Is Critical To Your Success To Have An Integrated Plan That Is Consistent With Your Marketing Message And Market Positioning.

Automated Online SEO/Website Audit Report

Are your online systems set up to ATTRACT new customers/clients/patients
in these 7 areas?

● Google My Business ● On-site SEO
● Social Channels ● Links & Authority
● Rank Checker ● Local Listings
● Online Reputation


Turn-Key Internet Marketing Systems

Our key strength is working with companies to create marketing plans, strategies and systems that produce real, measurable results for our clients to maximize their return on investment.

With over 20 years of experience we have successfully increased revenues for many of our clients from a variety of specialities and industries.

Attention Business Owners:

What’s The Purpose Of Your Online Marketing And Website?

Well, some think the purpose of their website is to give information. Others think their website is to introduce their services to new or prospective clients. Still others think it’s to generate leads to follow up with.

Any or all of these purposes can be valid for online marketing and websites.

But…the bottom line is that any website and internet promotions should have one ultimate purpose: To get more clients!

Particularly High Value Customers/Clients/Patients!

But…it’s been our experience that most online marketing and websites DO NOT accomplish this ultimate goal of their efforts increasing Sales and Profits.

After all, if your online marketing and website don’t get more business…why do all this in the first place?

Here’s a big problem with websites. Most business owners and their web designers don’t know how to construct a marketing and visitor conversion site that actually takes the online prospect through a logical sales process that gets them to do what you want!

Here’s the sad truth:

Web designers are not trained or any good at creating an ONLINE SALES PROCESS aimed at solving the website visitor’s problems or giving them what they need, want or desire! 

Unfortunately, since business owners and web designers are not experts in how to create Direct Response oriented marketing…virtually all dental practice websites  are literally nothing more than electronic billboards or digital brochures that look nice…but don’t bring in customers/clients/patients!

Also, most website owners feel that if they “get a website up”, they’ve “done the job”, although we’re not always sure wat the “job” they think they’ve accomplished.

They mistake merely getting a site up online, for the REAL JOB of getting a website online that actually GENERATES NEW BUSINESS!

Once they get the site up, they check it off their task list, and usually let it go practically forever, preferring to focus on other activities like running their business.

All the while not understanding that they are wasting this potentially valuable asset, pouring time and money into a dark dental website hole.

Since you know “WHAT” your website SHOULD be for (GETTING MORE CUSTOMERS/CLIENTS/PATIENTS)…it’s the “HOW TO DO THAT” part, which most dentists have difficulty with.

There are over 30 marketing and conversion checkpoints for a Marketing and Conversion website that you need to be aware of website that you need to be aware of.

Question, and please be honest with yourself:

How many of these 30+ checkpoints are optimized on your practice’s website?    

Want to find out more about how your site matches up to the best websites competing with you?

Click here now to discover how to get your no-risk “Online Marketing Review” so you can get a totally objective review of your:

  • Website Design/Structure
  • Website Technical Errors
  • Local Search Engine Results
  • Online Marketing
  • List Building/Opt-Ins
  • Conversion Techniques!

IMS can serve as an outsourced marketing department for your marketing needs including but not limited to:

 Marketing Development

 Brand Management

 E-Mail Marketing

 Pay-per-Click Advertising

 Search Engine Optimization

 Conversion Websites

 Lead Generation

 Social Media


 Customized Programming

 Mobile Websites

 Reputation Management

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