Referrals, Re-activations, And Your Online Presence

You’re probably wondering what these 3 things have in common and how are they all connected? Well, it’s all about growing your business and making more profits, isn’t it! Which all boils down to increasing sales. You need to have marketing campaigns for Referrals,...

Are Website Testimonials Dead?

Let’s start with the evolution of website testimonials. Years ago, it was tested and proven that having positive testimonials from your customers on your website, increased visitor trust, confidence and hence conversions. Fast forward to today, people are more...

Google Reviews: Top 7 Reasons Why You Need Good Ones!

As you already know, it’s hard enough getting new customers online. There’s plenty of competition and getting on the 1st page of Google is a critical factor in getting new business. This is where having 4 and 5 STAR Reviews on Google can tip the scales in...

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