Triple Your Income In Half The Time
With 3×50 Coaching

Does Your Business Consistently Provide Enough Income To Afford The Lifestyle You Want?

Please answer these thought-provoking issues to consider:

  • Is your business generating significantly more discretionary income (money for YOU and your family) than it was over the last couple years?
  • Are you closer to being financially free than you were a year ago?
  • Do you take nice vacations more than you used to?
  • Do you have a relatively unlimited budget, paying things you want without worrying about what you’re spending?            
  • Do you get brilliant answers to your most troubling challenges from well-meaning family like your spouse or brother-in-law, CPA’s or other advisers?
  • Do you get away from work enough to get real rest/relaxation for multiple weeks, multiple times per year…without risking the business suffering?

(If you answered NO to some or all of these questions, you may want to stop reading now and make an appointment for your Free $500.00 Strategy Session now. These challenges are “3×50 Coaching’s” specialty. They know how to find quick fixes to big business and resulting lifestyle problems. So please go here now:×50 and see what appointment times are still open.)

  1. Kind of interesting little mental exercise, don’t you think?

If you’re like many of our clients and fellow entrepreneurs…the result of these quick drills is that your actual business results and lifestyle may not be matching up very well to what you want.

If you truly live your dream life, whatever that means to you…congratulations.
On the other hand, if your true desires seem too hard to attain…we have GREAT NEWS!
You could be a Free $500.00 “Strategy Session” away from discovering how to quickly:

Triple (3x) Your Income In Half (50%) Of The Time!

OK, so what’s the deal?

When your business multiplies the net income you can take home, requiring 50% less time at  work, thinking about work, or stressing over work…life gets a whole lot better!

How do I know this? Well, it’s because…

I have worked with a world class business income and lifestyle coach for over 8 years. As a result, my family and I have achieved a blessed life we only used to dream about…but quickly became our reality thanks to our remarkable coach’s help.

When we started using professional income and lifestyle coaching services, we had an OK business. Good, but certainly not great, or exciting. We were stuck in an income rut, plus working a back breaking number of hours.

We optimistically hoped for a change for the better. But we felt getting what we really wanted, was most likely just a pipe dream we wouldn’t experience for real.

However, once we started collaborating with our highly knowledgeable, experienced and empathetic income and lifestyle coach…everything got better quickly.

A lot better.

Our income exploded early on, and kept growing. While at the same time, the number of hours we spent working or thinking about work kept shrinking! What a spectacular result… with a big contribution from our coach.

If we had not utilized the coaching services…we would likely still be stuck in the muck of constant anxiety, stress and needless pressure. Not to mention having a minimal fun. How can you live a contented lifestyle, without the time or the cash to enjoy life the way you want?

So, what about you?

Why do you work at the business so hard anyway?

Most of my clients and business buddies tell me they want their business to earn enough so they can:

  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Travel in deluxe style
  • Buy fun toys, including vacation homes, enjoying high quality stuff
  • Contribute time and money to charity
  • Help prevent kids and grandkids from wallowing in student or other debt
  • Actually, do whatever they want to. Deciding when they work, deciding when they don’t work…100% under their control!

Sound familiar? Sound like some or all of your aspirations?

Who Might Be A Good Candidate For “3×50”?

You might be wondering if you could be a good prospect for “3×50 Coaching” (Triple Your Income In 50% Of The Time). Let me ask you a few more quick questions:

  • Do you have an ongoing business that isn’t meeting your income goals or lifestyle desires?
  • Do you have any challenges, tough projects or growth plans that aren’t going the way you want, at the speed you want?
  • Do you want better things, but seem to get blocked so much that results are always put off until “some other time down the road”?
  • Are you frustrated, disappointed and tired of hoping, wishing, praying for a better life?
  • Do you want realistic solutions to tearing through your biggest barriers and self-imposed limitations NOW?

What do we mean by “barriers and self-imposed limitations”?

Please take a look at the graphic above. Almost all of us have significant skills we’ve learned over the years about the business and profession we’re in. With knowledge being so important, having all those skills creates a ton of “potential” success.

“Potential”, meaning “probability” or “likelihood”. Conditional, not actual.

The bottom line is potential must be converted into achievement. Or all the potential from knowing so many skills won’t be worth what you want.

Unfortunately, in the real world, without achieving real performance…how much you know or care or try doesn’t matter that much. (Or at all, some might say.)

The self-imposed barriers that are blocking the conversion of potential into results can be reduced, if not eliminated with the addition of a constant top-level skill:

Results producer vs. excuses producer. You get to decide which you are.

Reducing or liquidating those barriers, those excuses, most of which are self-imposed, can help you make giant leaps ahead…instead of little, tiny, incremental improvements!

As you can see on the second graphic above, when the self-imposed barriers are wiped away, achievement and potential can finally be equal! Which is when you are operating at your highest and best use…in the zone…accomplishing your income and lifestyle goals without struggling or fighting any more.

Does that sound like a way of life that could be worth a lot more to you in terms of cash flow AND living life under your own conditions?

If so, the coaching group I have worked with, “3×50 Coaches” is now taking on a few new clients.

Since I’ve known them for so long, I agreed to see if our clients could benefit from their custom, personalized, private coaching.

Therefore, we’re offering their $500.00 introductory Strategy Session available to IMS clients for FREE…to see if they might be able to help you as much as they help us!

Here’s the simple, no-cost, no-commitment, no-risk step you can take if you want an objective and professional assessment of where your lifestyle and your business are now…compared to how you want them to be:

You can have a $500.00, Thirty to Forty-Five Minute Strategy Session…Free!

You will be interviewed and advised by the coaching pro, who will be asking you very personal and profound questions about your business, income and your life/lifestyle.

This session is an introduction to 3×50’s methods of leapfrogging your income, and also serves as a real-life sample coaching meeting to give things a test drive.

Think about this. This is your chance to go one-on-one with a world class income and lifestyle coach without any cost or risk.

Just imagine if your coach can solve just one of the key issues that’s been holding you back. 

That alone could boost your income big time in 90 days or less! It happens all the time, when you combine the right objective advice, with fast and reliable implementation.

3×50 charges $500.00 for these Strategy Sessions. But if you register for your call now while they are still available, as an IMS client there’s no cost nor obligation. So please go here now:×50 and see what appointment times are still open. (If you miss out on these openings, we can put you on a waiting list if there’s any cancellations.)

At the end of your Free $500.00 Strategy Session there are three potential outcomes:

  • If you feel the coaching isn’t right for you, you part friends and keep doing what you’ve been doing. We promise you will not be pressured, and the coach will not try to sell you anything you don’t want or need. These 3×50 folks would never take on a client who isn’t right for the process.
  • The coach feels you’re not a good candidate for their processes, they explain why and you part friends. 
  • You both agree there’s a reason to talk further, and you decide how to proceed after the Strategy Session.

That’s it.

The Strategy Session is free. There are no commitments. No sales pressure crap.

Special Guarantee Offer For IMS Clients! If You Think The Strategy Session Sucked For Any Reason, “3×50 Coaches” Will Pay You $100.00 For Wasting Your Time! No BS, No Catches, No Fine Print.

How’s that for taking all the risk away from you and putting it on them?

Here’s the bottom line: What have you got to lose by taking advantage of this free Strategy Session?

Worst case scenario is you waste a half hour of your time, get educated on very important business income and lifestyle skills…and know far more than you did before the session.

And, you get a check for $100.00 to boot if you think the session stunk, any way YOU define.

Best case scenario: You benefit tremendously from the candid, reality-based advice and see a whole new path, finally realizing your dreams. The light at the end of the tunnel could get a lot brighter, a lot faster!

So…a few other important things about the free 3×50 Strategy Session before we finish here:

  • The calls are usually done on a platform like Skype or Zoom, or by phone. They take 30-45 minutes.
  • You will receive an appointment confirmation and a Quick-Start form before the session so you’ll be better prepared for the call.
  • If you cannot make the session, please let 3×50 know so they can open up the time slot for another IMS client.
  • The coaches are very candid, blunt and do not pull punches. They try not to hurt your feelings, but they will sometimes say and recommend strategies that could make you feel a bit defensive if you’re not ready for honest suggestions. If you want a boost out of your rut, so you can achieve what you want…being gentle doesn’t always get results. Honesty is the best policy.
  • The coaches won’t be obnoxious or rude. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They will be polite, professional and empathetic. They just won’t hold back on saying what they see and advising you on how to fix things. Holding back is not really helpful, if you want to see tangible, fast results.

(Note- THIS is why business income and lifestyle coaching is NOT for everyone. Some people prefer to keep doing what they’ve always done, possibly not reach their goals…rather than face the reality of how and why they’re stuck where they are. If you are thin-skinned, or easily offended by the truth and frank talk, you should probably NOT enroll for this free session.)

OK, here’s the last items to discuss before you decide if you want to sign up for one of the limited-number of free Strategy Sessions. Here are a few important points for you to be aware of:

  • You help all your customers, patients or clients solve their problems…but who helps you solve your real issues? Let’s be honest, there’s nothing wrong with using family, co-workers, CPA’s, lawyers, and financial planners for advice. But they likely can’t help you solve the vexing problems of turbo-charging your business income. Can they assist you in achieving a lifestyle that allows you to do what you want, when you want, without worrying about what it costs?
  • How often, if ever, do you get to spend time devoted 100% to talking about YOU, your business and your life with an objective advocate, with no judgment or arguing? Particularly with someone who can actually help you accomplish your goals without emotions, or worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings? When was the last time you had an advocate solely and totally concerned about YOUR success in life, who will really listen to you, with no judgment? A high-end 3×50 coach will help you to work through your trials, help you get where you want, without having to worry about an awkward Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Your coach will get into the weeds of your challenges, worries, frustrations, etc. as well as the solutions to get past your self-imposed limitations. This high level of coaching requires maturity, the ability to be honest with yourself, and the ability to make meaningful changes. Even though changing your business and personal life can be amongst the most daunting and scary things you can experience.

Most people really hate change. Your coach will show you what to do to get what you want as quickly as possible, and assist in blasting through the self-imposed limitations holding you back. (Fear of change is a self-imposed limitation anyone can lose with a new way of thinking your coach can help you quickly adopt.)

  • Your coach won’t be happy with, nor accept too many (if any) excuses as to why you can’t get things done, or live the lifestyle of your dreams. 3×50 coaches say that, “You can make excuses, or you can make money…but you can’t do both.”

And you know what? It’s true. Excuses may make you feel better justifying why you aren’t living the life you want. But, they also say you can’t take excuses to the bank and deposit them, nor pay bills with them. Banks and businesses want money from you, not excuses. (By-the-way, your family could also be tired of excuses, and wants results instead.)

If you end up working with a 3×50 coach, it will definitely be a “no-excuse zone.” You should be OK with being called out on the BS you may tell yourself about why you don’t have what you want…because your coach will bring any BS you spout to your attention. The coach will call you out any time they detect excuses being flung about.

  • The coaching will be customized to you and your specific business, profession, projects, totally tailored to you and your life. The coaches have such broad business experience and decades of success, they will understand and guide you through reaching your exact goals no matter what type of profession you’re in. Coaches have wide experience in:
  • Alternative, non-conventional, successful business income strategies you may not come up with on your own, or with advice from family, friends or financial advisors.
  • Blasting through self-imposed limitations.
  • Holding clients accountable…assuring follow-through, implementation and accomplishing tasks.
  • Dozens of business categories and professions so it’s highly likely what you think is a unique set of challenges, won’t be unique to your coach.
  • Direct response marketing, killer copy, killer offers, lead generation, on-line funnels, ascension pyramids, converting websites, risk-reversal, upselling, etc.
  • Running multi-million-dollar businesses, taking as much time off for personal fun as they want.
  • Tripling your business income working half the time.      

3×50 can only offer a few clients a free Strategy Session since this is such a personal, time intensive business relationship.

These few free Strategy Session time slots are open now, but once they’re gone…they’re gone.

If you feel you can benefit from busting through obstacles, barriers and self-imposed limitations…take advantage of this opportunity NOW before it’s gone.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to check this out? 

Imagine what your life could be like if their coaching worked. I don’t have to imagine any more, because with their help, we DO have what we want.

Finally, what will your business and life be like if you don’t take any action?

In reality, if you procrastinate on this or take a pass…what’s it going to be like a year from now?

Most likely you’ll be another year older, with another year of hard work and frustration under your belt…probably still not living the way you want.

Not getting what you want after all this time, can make you feel tired and hopeless. Now’s your chance to see how hoping can be transformed into the real world results you want. Reserve your time now:×50 (If you miss out on these available slots, we can put you on a waiting list for cancellations.)

Ok, that’s it. We’re done.


Ron Romano, Founder IMS Corp.

PS – You have everything to gain and nothing to risk checking out this very important offer. If you feel the free Strategy Session was garbage, just let us know and 3×50 Coaches will promptly send you $100 for wasting your time. What reason could you have for not jumping on this limited offer now, before you set this aside and miss out on the very limited spots available? Please lock in your appointment now:×50

What some “3×50 Coaches” clients have to say…

“A Powerful Money-Making Service”

“This is a powerful money-making service…the information and coaching provided by 3×50 has already been worth the cost. My coach has been EXTREMELY open in sharing his strategies, he definitely does want people to succeed! This is obvious. I am COMPLETELY satisfied and definitely consider these services a bargain.5-Stars for sure.”

Brian S., VT.

“Best Desicion Of My Life”

“This was the BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE! IMMEDIATELY after starting coaching I realized the opportunity to CREATE THE LIFESTYLE of my dreams was in front of me. Not just to have the money, but the time and flexibility to enjoy it, too! I feel that I am now part of a ‘secret’ club… thank you for giving me the key to unlock the door of my future.”

Barry R., WA.

“Single Best Investment I’ve Ever Made”

“Getting involved with your coaching was the single best investment I’ve ever made. To this day (over 2 years later), I still use your coaching service every month. The results of your guidance? My business generates an additional $30-$60,000 a month we never would have without the awesome coaching. My previous career had some things that were wonderful and great about it, but quite honestly, it’s like night and day compared to what I’m doing now. I’m doing what I want to do, how I want to do it, and I really am my own boss. My time really belongs to me. I’m really having a ball, it’s a lot of fun! I feel a deep sense of gratitude to you. Thank you so very much for your help!”

Mike C., GA..

If you’re ready to boost your business to the next level – or if you’re just starting out and need some experienced guidance – you’ve come to the right place.

Call us today at 877-767-7775 to schedule a consultation to see what we can do for you.


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