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Email Marketing Strategies For Businesses

Email marketing is a targeted, credible, shareable, measurable and cost-effective marketing strategy that is overlooked by many business owners. The good news is that we make the process simple and cost-effective for our clients by doing all the legwork, creating the eye-popping graphics and producing effective copy, all in a custom-designed email template.

Following are 3 ways why you should include an email marketing strategy in your marketing efforts.

  1. Email marketing is cost effective. Perhaps the most attractive advantage of email marketing is the return on investment, because there are no print costs, postage fees or advertising rates. It’s just about as affordable as marketing can get, while outperforming search, display and social marketing.
  2. Email marketing is measurable. Analytics are imperative to measuring the success of any marketing campaign. Many marketing strategies result in vague and estimated results, while email marketing provides precise and valuable metrics, including delivery/open rates, click-to-deliver rates and subscriber retention.
    These metrics are more than just numbers and percentages – they provide insight into your customers’ buying behaviors and interests. Your email marketing campaign monitors which information your consumers are most responsive to, so you can target your marketing strategy towards more successful campaigns and topics of interest.
  3. Email marketing provides instant communication and feedback. One of the major benefits of email as a communication tool is the time it takes for a message to reach its intended recipient. Within seconds of clicking ‘send’, your targeted email message will be sitting in your prospects’ inboxes. This particularly beneficial for time-sensitive offers to remind customers when a special deal is expiring.

Also – for any business – listening to the needs and opinions of customers is vital in ensuring that you are offering them something they really want. Email gives your customers the chance to communicate with you regarding what your business is doing well and what it could do better.

Email marketing is a must – and if you haven’t already considered this proven strategy for your business, now is the time. With our guidance in creating a strategic approach and a strong message, your business is sure to benefit from email marketing.

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