As you already know, it’s hard enough getting new customers online. There’s plenty of
competition and getting on the 1st page of Google is a critical factor in getting new business.
This is where having 4 and 5 STAR Reviews on Google can tip the scales in your favor.
Here are The Top 7 Reasons Why You Need To Have Them:

1. If you want to be in the Top 3 Pack of Boogie’s Local Search, this is a key ranking factor.

2. According to the latest statistics, over 52% of prospective customers will check out a

Doctor’s online reputation before they make an appointment.

3. Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions.

4. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

5. Customer Feedback will help you will understand what you are doing right or wrong as a dental practice, which in turn will help improve customer retention and customer referral.

6. A prospective customer reading online reviews before making an appointment already knows what they want. Reviews will tell them if your Practice is the one for them.

7. Bottom Line…Having Great Google Reviews will lead to more new customers!

If other businesses in your area have 4.5 Stars to 5 Stars on Google Reviews, and you don’t, when prospective customers are looking for your services and they see your ratings versus your competition

…Which business do you think they would be most likely to choose?

Here’s the good news – your online reputation can be fixed…and that will lead to more new customers!

Businesses who don’t have the time or the systems to get their customers to leave 4 and 5 Star reviews can have it Done for them.

Here are our latest 3 case studies from March to May 2019:

Case Study #1.

• Google Rating March 2nd 2019:

– 4.4 Stars out of 5 with 26 Google Reviews:

• Current Google Rating May 13th 2019:

– 4.8 Stars out of 5 with 97 Google Reviews:

Case Study #2.

• Google Rating May 6th 2019:

– 4.0 Stars out of 5 with 15 Google Reviews:

• Current Google Rating May 14th 2019:

– 4.8 Stars out of 5 with 119 Google Reviews:

Case Study #3.

• Google Rating May 8th 2019:

3 Stars out of 5 with 15 Google Reviews:

• Current Google Rating May 14th 2019:

– 4.6 Stars out of 5 with 92 Google Reviews: 77

Just as important, our Online Reputation Management System intercepted over 100 negative reviews and did not post them to any Online Review sites.

Instead we sent an email to each doctor with the negative review so they could contact those customers and address/correct the situation.

How would you like a complete report letting you know what your online reputation is?

IMS is offering our “Online Reputation Assessment” for AAID Members FREE!
(A $297-Vatue)”

This is what you get:

We’ll scour the internet review sites to uncover all your online reviews

✓ Analyze your ”Google My Business” page reviews and ranking

You’ll get a report on the sites with your reputation ratings (1 to 5 Star)

✓ We will show you how to get more 5 Star Review from your customers

Strategies to increase new customer conversion once a prospect clicks through
to your website.

To get started… just visit

I hope to talk to you soon.

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