You’re probably wondering what these 3 things have in common and how are they all connected?

Well, it’s all about growing your business and making more profits, isn’t it!

Which all boils down to increasing sales. You need to have marketing campaigns for Referrals, Re-activations and sales/conversion processes for your online presence (that includes: your website; your online reputation; your Google 1st page ranking; email marketing; your blog and social media).

As daunting a task as this may seem, with a proper MARKETING PLAN in place, these can all be connected and integrated…and made easier by re-purposing the marketing collateral you already have or need to create.

Example: if you are sending an email to your database, you can use the same copy for your blog, then cross-post the same content to your Facebook and Twitter…then post it on your Google My Business page. Content done once – 5 deliverables!

The same goes for any Promotions or Special Offers you might have.

This is all part of having a Marketing And Implementation Plan.

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If you would like to have a Free 30 minute, Marketing and Implementation Strategy Session, just respond to this email with a day/time you are available, your website URL and we’ll check our schedule to confirm.

We’ll go over everything you’re doing, everything you could be doing, as well as looking at ways to improve your current marketing collateral.

These sessions take some time including my prep time to check out your online presence, so I am limiting this offer to the first 12 respondents!


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