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by Dr. Simone Lundquist on IMS
Outstanding Design, Amazing Team, Fabulous Website

I definitely recommend Ron Romano and his fabulous team to anyone thinking about creating a website. The creative team members are genuinely passionate about doing great work and are dedicated to excellence and perfecting their craft and designing an impressive and super smart website that sets your business apart... The website they designed and created for me isn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but exceptionally functional and intuitive for the audience. I would highly recommend this amazing team to anyone planning on creating an outstanding website... All my gratitude!

Dr. Simone Lundquist

by Anonymous on IMS

"Patient Has Already Called To Schedule An Appointment..."

“Just wanted to let you know that immediately after you sent out an email for us a Patient called in response to the Valentines Day promotion and has scheduled an appointment.

Barbara, Dr. Arredondo's Office

by Anonymous on IMS

"IMS Is Easy To Talk To And Work With..."

“I started working with Ron Romano in the fall of 2009. I've always had one or two pretty web sites, but could never get a web site that would sell my services.

IMS has developed a web site for me that employs all of the concepts of marketing. Also, IMS has helped me develop multi-step email campaigns to market our niche services. I have also had Smile Reminders for many years, and never was able to fully utilize it, to consistently send emails to my patient base. They have totally taken over my weekly email campaigns, authoring everything from contests to monthly promotions. This past December, usually one of my slowest months, turned out to be the best month. IMS is easy to talk to and great to work with. More importantly, they understand marketing.”

Greg Wych

by Anonymous on IMS

"Thanks For Helping To Increase Profits..."

“Even before we implemented any changes to my business, IMS immediately Required me to send an email campaign to my clients. It created an immediate increase in revenue. Awesome Money on demand...But, the follow up email to the offer that I never do, which you crafted for me created additional Revenue from the original offer, a 50% in the total campaign?
Thanks for helping to increase my profits”

Brad Riley

by Anonymous on IMS

"Follow The IMS System And Your Guaranteed Success..."

“IMS has a great way of breaking down what first seems complicated into a logical system in order to achieve success in any business. I quickly discovered that it is not what you sell that enables you to be successful, but the method or system you use to market that thing. This may sound very simple, but it has made a profound difference in both my business and the profits I have achieved.
I had been struggling with my business but after implementing the IMS System for Success I quickly turned my business around.
Simply follow the IMS and you are guaranteed success!”

John Hayes

by Anonymous on IMS

"These Changes Radically Improved My Practice In A Weak Economy"

“Before I started using the IMS system to get more patients on the internet,I relied on my current patients to, refer patients and hopefully calling for consultations. As a result every month was a crap shoot as to how many appointments we would book and what the monthly billings would be.

One thing I knew, everyone was going on line looking for the services I provided. I already had a website and I figured I was done and patients would automatically roll in. Of course that didn’t happen. I didn’t know how many new patients, if any, I was getting from my website…or if anyone was actually going to my website.

What I did know was that business wasn’t getting better. I had to do something but I didn’t know exactly what. When I heard about you and Instant Marketing Systems, I was skeptical. He told me that a website needed a marketing process in it so I could build a database of prospects and my website was only part of marketing on the internet.

What he said made sense, what I was doing wasn’t working, so I decided to give it a try. Well, IMS did everything for me. They set up an entire internet marketing system that sent emails to my patients regularly, building a stronger relationship and more appointments. It improved prospects finding me on the internet through Google. My website was modified to capture email addresses and get more patients. Social Media marketing was implemented. Monthly reports let me measure and track everything.

These changes radically improved my practice in a weak economy. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend the IMS program if you want to build your practice on-line.”

Dr. Graham Kemsley

by Anonymous on IMS

"What Ron Had To Offer Seemed To Make Perfect Sense"

“Having recently read The E-Myth, M.Gerber , I was immediately impressed by what IMS had to offer and how the system would help us to better operate our business and build long-term relationships with our clients through internet marketing. What Ron had to offer seemed to make perfect sense, so we signed up for the complete internet marketing program.

IMS has sent our first email letting our patients know that we would be sending them helpful information and it also included an offer. We have been impressed with the initial responses, 5 appointments for procedures have been booked within 48 hours. In the past, we had not systematized our marketing efforts, with IMS we feel we have a system that can increase our sales, and build a stronger relationship with our clients.”

Erin Grace

by Anonymous on IMS

"And As Far As My Website Goes...WOW"

“The results are amazing! First, I know that I should have been sending emails to my existing Patients, but never got around to doing it consistently and just didn’t know what to say. There’s so many more procedures available, new techniques and new technology that my Patients don’t know about or worse yet, may have been finding out from other ads and going elsewhere because they would have no idea that I could provide these services.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of the extra revenue from the products we sell and now promote regularly through emails. Our relationship with our Patients is definitely stronger and our referrals are up.

And as far as my website goes…WOW, what an improvement! I never really knew what a difference having a Marketing Process on my website would make.

Before IMS fixed my website, I never got any emails. Now, Prospects are leaving their email address to get my Special Report and the IMS System keeps in touch with them automatically…and they’re converting to Patients!

I’ve tried a lot of different companies to build my practice on-line but these guys are definitely the internet marketing professionals and I would highly recommend them. If you want to build your practice on-line, you need to call IMS and get started.

IMS is my Internet Marketing Department, Thanks IMS!”

Dr. Barry Lycka

by Anonymous on IMS

"A Top Notch Marketing Expert!"

“Ron Romano is a top notch marketing expert and very astute with the principles of direct response marketing. I'll never forget the powerful presentation Ron gave in Philly. Ron shared how most business owners and professionals were looking for a "magic pill". Everyone was asking for the "one thing" they could do to get more clients and improve their business. Ron shared a key principle that even a magic pill is made up of "numerous ingredients". Just like a good marketing plan is made up of "numerous methods" and strategies.
Anyone that is looking for a strategic, in depth marketing plan to succeed in your business should learn more about what Ron and his instant marketing system can do for them!”

Justin Stranere

by Anonymous on IMS

"I Would Highly Recommend IMS To Anyone Thinking Of Creating A Website!"

“IMS did an outstanding jog designing my website. The site works flawlessly and has converted many website visitors. Ron Romano is a marketing genius. I am very happy with his knowledge and the help he has given me to make my website a success! I would highly recommend IMS to anyone thinking of creating a website. They are not only knowledgeable in the technical aspects, they also have a sound understanding of how to market the website. Thanks for doing it all.”

Sam Siddighi

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