It may appear to be comparable to rocket science or brain surgery, but SEO isn’t as puzzling as you may think. Simply put, search engines like to see particular things either on the pages of your website (onsite SEO) or to see information about your web pages in other locations (offsite SEO).

Search engines use formulas to analyze large amounts of data about all the web pages they can locate in order to decide which web pages they should present when someone searches for a particular keyword phrase, and in what order they should list them.

We research your target audience and competition and “reverse engineer” what search engines
want to see to ensure that your web pages have everything in place – and in the proper order – both onsite and offsite.

How SEO Works

Although the search engines are constantly fine-tuning how they rank web pages, there are two unchanging components that are the foundation for successful results:


  • Targeting the most beneficial keyword clusters;
  • Matching existing content to target particular keyword clusters;
  • Creating new content to target specific keyword clusters;
  • Creating the most effectual website infrastructure.


  • Developing a profile consisting of high-quality incoming links;
  • Maintaining a relevant and active social media presence;
  • Creating non-linking references about your website.

Keyword Research: Statistics show that each day, 25% of the search terms that search engines view, they have never seen before. So we focus on creating what we call “keyword clusters”, which are groups of keyword phrases that are concentrated on high volume keyword phrases. Using the latest SEO tools and software, we find the prime balance in your keyword phrase list that delivers the best ROI.

Behind The Scenes: Not all websites are created equal – some are search engine-friendly, but many are not. A key responsibility of ours is to ensure that the pages of your website are correctly indexed for your online success.

Offsite Link Profile: In the most basic terms, a search engine views a link to your website as a vote of confidence for you. Search engines believe that if other websites are linking to your pages, you must have something high quality to share and it will rate your pages more positively.

Local Results with Google+: Although Google+ has been around for a couple of years, it is still one of the most under-utilized social media networks available. We utilize one of the greatest assets of Google+, which is its ability to increase your local SEO ranking and prominence in Google SERP’s.

To sum it up nicely and easily for you, on and off-page optimization refers to the practices that effect your website’s listing in he search results – positively – while bringing you more traffic and thus more business.

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